Connect groups

Go deeper by joining a small group Bible study. There are many that meet throughout the week at FCC, in homes, at restaurants and coffee shops. The goal is to foster deeper relationships with God and His people, and to make stronger disciples.

  • [real]ationship - Led by Kyle Slusher

    2nd Sunday of every month - 6PM @ FCC

    **children welcome**

    + Men & Women's Small Group - Led by Ronda Howard

    Mondays - 6:30PM @ Ronda Howard's House

    **no childcare**

  • + Iron Sharpens Iron - Led by Paul Elsey

    Breakfast, Word, Fellowship.

    First Saturday of every month - 8:30AM @ FCC Sanctuary  

    Men's Small Group - Led by Paul Elsey

    Mondays - 6:15AM @ Burger King

    + Young Men Singles - Led by Nate Slover

    Mondays - 6:30PM @ FCC

    Men's Small Group - Led by Jess Slusher

    Thursdays - 7AM @ Quincy Public Market

    + Men's Small Group - Led by Josh Laney

    Thursdays - 7PM @ Evan McCormick's House

  • Moms in Prayer - Led by Katie Condo

    Wednesdays - 6:15AM & 5:30PM

    These prayer meetings are done over the phone

    Women's Small Group - Led by Pam Marquis

    Wednesdays - 6:15PM @ Pam Marquis' home

    Women's Small Group - Led by Kelly Slover

    Wednesdays - 6:30PM @ FCC

    Women's Small Group: over 60s 

    Thursdays - 2PM @ Quincy Public Market

    Women's Small Group - Led by Sherri Elsey

    Meets every other Thursday - 9AM @ Sherri Elsey's House

    Women's Small Group - Led by Melodi Slusher

    Fridays - 9AM @ Gail Westra's home

    **Children welcome**